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Business Support Program

The Business Support Program is specifically designed to provide small and medium sized business owners with ongoing access to the same level of talent and network resources that typically only CEO’s of large companies can afford. Now you no longer have to go it alone.

The Business Support Program is one of a kind and provides you with the best value possible. Under the program, Mark Desrosiers serves as your retained trusted advisor or part time COO. As such, he provides you with the confidential, independent and unbiased advice of an experienced business friend, who understands and is committed to you and your business. Now you have someone that you can really talk openly with; who can actually help you think through and address the variety of key issues you deal with every day.

Moreover, Mark also serves as your personal coordinator. As such, he not only helps ensure that the key issues being addressed are those that will get you to where you want to go; he also helps align and manage the other resources needed to get you there.

Accordingly, he provides access to the exclusive network of Institute for Independent Business Associates who have typically been Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Executive Board Members, and Business Owners; along with leading specialists from the local community. Usually such resources are a luxury that only large company CEOs will have on staff. Now you can utilize this diverse talent and knowledge base on a "plug and play" basis as needed for only a fraction of the cost.

This will not only level the playing field with larger businesses but it will also give you a significant competitive advantage over other small and medium sized business owners.

The Business Support Program will cost-effectively help you "reach new heights" and give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

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