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As a business owner, would you like to achieve your vision and "reach new heights" but are you consumed by the day to day realities of running your business? Unlike with large companies, small and medium sized business owners rarely have ample time or expert resources available to them, so they typically face the challenges of growing their business to the next level all alone.

As a result, their role is one of the toughest, loneliness, and most stressful in all of business today. According to statistics from Dun & Bradstreet, 88.7% of business failures are due to management mistakes, and it’s painfully obvious that no one person in business can have all of the expertise needed to succeed over time.

Summit Business Solutions provides trusted advisory services, expert resources, and customized support designed to efficiently complement the business owner’s knowledge and experience, while addressing those areas which are outside the business’ core competencies. Moreover, these services are supported by the exclusive network of Institute for Independent Business (IIB) Associates, which is the largest in the world.

The significant benefit of being supported by IIB Associates is that they have successfully run businesses, have substantial experience, and receive continual professional training; all of which ensures the highest quality service and practical solutions that enable business owners to "reach new heights".

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