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Business Advisory Services

As a business owner, would you like to achieve your vision and "reach new heights" but are you consumed by the day to day realities of running your business? Unlike with large companies, small and medium sized business owners rarely have ample time or expert resources available to them, so they typically face the challenges of growing their business to the next level all alone …

Complimentary Business Review

Each month as part of our outreach programs, Summit Business Solutions donates time to help small and medium sized businesses in the local community. We provide business owners with a no-cost, no-obligation Complimentary Business Review, and we pledge complete confidentiality...

Business Support Program

The Business Support Program is specifically designed to provide small and medium sized business owners with ongoing access to the same level of talent and network resources that typically only CEO’s of large companies can afford. Now you no longer have to go it alone...


As an Accredited Mentor of CMT (Coaching-Mentoring-Training) International, the largest mentoring organization of it kind in the world, Mark Desrosiers enables business owners to realize their vision and ensure that their people will get them to where they want to go. As an accomplished senior executive and business owner himself, Mark utilizes his proven experience and the latest mentoring techniques to help owners and their staff answer these questions and achieve the answers:
What do you want to accomplish?
Why do you really want it?
What do you need to do to get closer to your goal?

Other Services

Financial Analysis and Benchmarking - Comprehensive financial analysis tools and a written assessment of your business against those of similar size in your industry with action plans to maximize business value.
Family Business Evaluation - A comprehensive written review and plan to align and achieve your personal and professional goals.
Talent Assessment, Development and Business Evaluation Tools - Solutions that improve the selection and performance of your human capital and the results from your business. Mark Desrosiers is a Certified Innermetrix Consultant.

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